Tuesday, August 09, 2011

What All Women (And Apparently Their Hubbies) Wish For

It's been one year to the day since I wrote about my quest for the perfect bra. And no, I didn't mark that date down to remember it. I just searched on my blog till I found the post and I noticed that it was a year ago exactly.


I'm still searching for the perfect bra. The girls aren't quite the same as they were before Anderson made his grand appearance. The word "deflated" comes to mind. I thought the problem was, perhaps, just in my mind, but this morning Jeremy confirmed my suspicions that the problem was right out there in the open.

Jeremy: "What's your shirt size?"
Me: "Why?"
Jeremy: "Because I found the perfect bra for you on TV! All I need is your shirt size to know what size bra to order for you."
Me: "Please tell me that you're not talking about that bra informercial."
Jeremy: "You've seen it? The Genie Bra? Pretty cool, huh?"
Me: "You're serious?"
Jeremy: "Yeah, I've seen the commericial several times when I'm feeding Anderson his 3:00 a.m. bottle. It's supposed to be some super material that lifts everything to where it's supposed to be."
Me: "So you think the girls need lifting?"
Jeremy: (insert crickets chirping) ".....That's not what I meant."
Me: "Riighhtttt...."

I'll let you know when he's out of the dog house.

2 random thoughts:

Kay said...

LOL I read the reviews of that thing and it doesn't do so hot. I know you're shocked at that. After my first was born, I asked my girlie doctor what happened to my girls and when they were going to return to normal. She said they were never coming back. LOL I was shocked. I guess I was naive... Good luck finding a good bra..

Rachel said...

Ha! I totally feel your pain. Darn babies.

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