Tuesday, September 27, 2011

The Rest Of The Pics

We got our pictures from our amazing photographer, Lydia Wolfe, today and I am thrilled with the pictures. She did such a good job, and I’m absolutely loving the black and white shots. The pics of the boys together didn’t work out great, but it definitely wasn’t Lydia’s fault for lack of trying. Somebody, ahem Jackson, didn’t want to be particularly cooperative after Anderson pooted on him! Oh well. I have plenty of other shots to work with, and I just spent way too much time on Shutterfly ordering pictures. Thanks Lydia! Y’all enjoy the pictures!











Y'all have a great day!

3 random thoughts:

Kay said...

I love that sepia shot in there..with a fist shoved in the mouth. So cute.

trishandwade said...

Oh my!! These are gorgeous pictures!! I would have a hard time deciding which to order (and would probably just order ALL of them!)

Candy said...

Love these so much. Still thinking Anderson looks like Luke! You will have to post some newborn pics of Jackson to remind me of how he looked....I'm old remember and forget everything!

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