Monday, November 14, 2011

It’s The Thought That Counts, Right?

Saturday night we were enjoying dinner out with my sister Kellyn, her husband Jason, and their little boy Luke. We had decided to go to Logan’s Steakhouse since they have delicious rolls and unlimited peanuts to munch on before your food comes out.

Jackson isn’t much for peanuts, but he was being so nice to crack the peanuts for me while I was busy being occupied with Anderson. Jackson had cracked 5 or so peanuts for me (which I had devoured) when I glanced over to Jackson just as he was cracking open another peanut for me.

Unbeknownst to be, my sweet 5 year old was taking the peanuts, dropping them on the filthy peanut covered floor, stomping on them with his dirty cowboy boots, picking them back up off the floor, dusting them off and then handing them to me.

Good times, I tell ya. Good times!

3 random thoughts:

Mom said...

Now that's priceless!!! Sure have missed y'all. We are traveling back through North Carolina so we can see more of the Smoky Mountains. We love you.

Brandi said...


Rachel said...

Awesome - just awesome. On the bright side, your immune system should be a bit healthier now!

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