Monday, December 12, 2011

The Cutest Joseph That Ever Was

Jackson was part of his children’s choir Christmas special last Sunday night. I was really nervous about this because Jackson has had some problems with stage fright in the past. Imagine my shock (and fear) when I found out that Jackson had been cast as the role of Joseph for the manger scene. He had been doing well in practice for the most part, but when it came time for the dress rehearsal last Saturday he decided that he wasn’t going to do it anymore. It took me promising that he could go to Dollar Tree and spend $5 on whatever he wanted to get him through the practice. I made an even more expensive deal to get him through the Sunday performance. He had to sing the songs, smile and do the part of Joseph and he would get an additional $10 to spend at Dollar Tree. I know it’s bad to start bribing him on stuff, but it was money well spent when he cooperated as well as  he did on stage. I did get a little nervous when it was time for the kids to come down the aisle for the manger scene. For a second there I couldn’t see Jackson and I was afraid that Mary (Jackson’s friend Gracie) was going to be unescorted on her trip to Bethlehem! But Jackson did great! He sang, smiled and did such a wonderful job. I was so proud of him for doing something outside his comfort zone, and he was proud of himself for doing such a good job. I wish I had gotten some better pictures, but Jackson had some major red eye going on. Enjoy the pics!







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