Tuesday, January 17, 2012

5 Baby Products I Wish Existed


Seriously, is that not the cutest kid ever?

Now that we’re back to parenting a baby again, as opposed to a pretty self reliant 5 year old, I’ve decided that someone needs to get on the ball and invent a few products that would fly off the shelves if they actually existed. These are a few of my dream list baby items:

  • Baby socks that actually stay on. We’ve yet to find any socks that we’re not constantly pulling back onto his feet. Also needed, socks that don’t get lost in the dryer.
  • Bibs that absorb drool and spit up as opposed to just letting it sit on the surface of the bib and stink to high heaven.
  • Toys that self sanitize when they hit the floor of a doctors office during cold and flu season.
  • Diapers that sound off alarm bells when your baby actually poops in their diaper instead of just passing gas. Anderson is wearing tons of footed outfits right now and having to take them off for every false alarm is getting old.
  • At home otoscopes so you an check your kid for ear infections at home instead of taking them back to the doctor. Again.

Now I just need someone to get busy and invent some of these things. I’m too busy parenting!

3 random thoughts:

a2zbaby said...

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Kay said...

I put both my kids in 'bobby socks'...girls socks that fold down. And they tended to stay on better.

SummerTyme said...

They have an ear infection detector thing. It looks like an ear thermometer . :)

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