Friday, January 06, 2012

A Despicable Gift?

Jeremy and I usually give each other practical gifts for Christmas. Because his work attire is standard funeral director stuff, i.e. navy blue suit, white dress shirt, tie and black socks, he's always needing useful stuff to keep his clothing up to par. So for Christmas this year I got him a really nice tie, some dress socks and a pair of navy blue long johns that he can wear under his suit pants so he doesn't freeze his fanny off on cold winter days. Thoughtful, right?

Fast forward to the other night when it was bitterly cold outside. We got home and Jeremy went into the bedroom to get some comfortable clothes on. When he came back into the living room I nearly died. Jeremy was wearing a dark colored over sized shirt, his new navy blue long johns and his dark work socks.

He looked exactly like Gru from Despicable Me.

I leaned over to Jackson on the couch and whispered to him that his Daddy looked just like Gru.

Y'all, I thought Jackson was going to wet his pants he was laughing so hard. Even Jeremy thought it was hilarious although he has repeatedly declined letting me take a picture to prove my point.


It's been 4 days and two things are still happening:
1. Jackson and I still laugh hysterically every time we see the long johns.
2. Jackson and I are both still calling Jeremy, "Gru" every chance we get.

I guess this means that Jackson and I are Jeremy's little minions....

1 random thoughts:

Kay said...

THAT is a hoot...sounds like it's got "staying power" since you're still laughing days later. I love it.

I loved that movie. : )

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