Monday, January 02, 2012

It Was Almost A Parenting Win. Almost.


Jackson has gotten a wee bit picky about trying new foods lately. When we introduce him to something new he’ll either say he will try it and back out at the last possible second, or flat out refuse to take a bite.

This morning I decided to make fried eggs for breakfast. I like my eggs cooked over medium, with the whites done and the yellow runny. It grosses Jeremy out, but I love them cooked that way.

I told Jackson I was cooking eggs for breakfast and then made a big production out of how we were going to fry our eggs. I got the oil hot, broke the egg into the grease and cooked one egg perfectly for him. I showed him how the yellow runs when you poke it and he was having a great time playing with the egg yolk. When it came time to eat the egg he was a little hesitant, but he took a bite and pronounced it good.

*Insert sign of relief*

I cooked another egg for myself while he finished his egg. When he got done (and ate the whole egg) he was off to play and I ate my egg. I was cleaning up when Jackson walked back into the kitchen clutching his throat. He walked up to me and said:

“Mama, I can’t eat fried eggs anymore. They give me strep throat.”

I gotta give him points for creativity. Reluctantly.

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Kay said...

I love my eggs that way! Nothing like that runny yolk over crisp toast. YUM. : )

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