Friday, January 20, 2012

It Was Destiny

I logged into Facebook last night and saw this on my timeline:


I knew we were meant to be friends!

18 years ago, way back in 1994, I watched her dance the most beautiful talent that I think has ever been done in the Miss America pageant. We had happened to video tape the pageant and after I saw her talent (and she won!) I watched that video over and over.

I danced ballet for 15 years and I was in awe of how someone who couldn’t even hear the music could dance like that. She was amazing! Us both being from Alabama probably didn’t help my stalker rating, because y’all, I was all about Heather Whitestone that year.

So this past Saturday night when I was watching the Miss America pageant I typed her name into the Facebook search engine and saw:

1. Her page wasn’t private.

2. She doesn’t have a million Facebook fans like a lot of “celebrity” types do.

3. She actually responds to people on her page and seems so genuine.

So I sent her a friend request and I was rather surprised when she actually accepted it. Squee!!!

For me, being friends with this Miss America on Facebook is like a Catholic getting a friend request accepted from the Pope. You just really don’t think it would happen. I’m thisclose to sending her a private message and suggest we meet for a double date with our hubbies.

Dinner with Miss America really trumps a Facebook friend accept, dontcha think?

1 random thoughts:

Kay said...

Very cool! I remember seeing her dance too and was amazed at her. Not just while dancing, but she just exuded a quiet beauty you just don't see very often. I'm doing a "squee!" just for you! : )

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