Tuesday, January 10, 2012

It’s All Fun And Games Until You Glue Your Fingers Together

There's a fine line between using nail glue to repair a broken fingernail and accidentally gluing your fingers to the glue container. Friday night I crossed that line.

The Friday before Christmas I went to get a manicure and got the new gel finger nail polish instead of my usual OPI. The gel polish supposedly stays on about 3 weeks, and I figured since this was a treat that I don’t normally do for myself that I needed to make it last as long as possible. I had 2 nails that were slightly broken and the manicurist used some nail glue to repair them so we didn’t have to cut them off.

A few days after my manicure I noticed that the nails were getting loose again so I ran back by the nail salon and they added some nail glue back to the original breaks and sealed them back.

All was well for a few more days when they came lose again. Instead of running back to the nail salon I made a trip to Wal-Mart and bought some nail glue to fix it myself. About 5 minutes later my nails were fixed and I was back in business.

So the other day I had another nail on my left hand get broken and when I got home I pulled out the nail glue and set out to fix the nail myself. I opened up the nail glue and was trying to figure out the best way to fix my nail when all of a sudden my right hand started to get hot.

That’s when I realized that I had been applying a little too much pressure to the glue container and that I was squeezing nail glue all over my hand.

The heat I was feeling? Turns out that was the glue bonding to my skin.

The glue container? Now stuck to my skin.

I panicked when I realized what was happening and shook my hand hard enough to get the container off of my fingers. Unfortunately when I shook my hand I slung the glue container to the floor where it promptly got stuck on my bathroom rug. Then I did the stupid thing of panicking again and picking the glue back up where it got stuck on my fingers again. I slung it one more time to a clear spot on the counter and began to assess the damage.

Y’all, it looked like I had shellacked the fingers on my right hand. I was covered in shiny nail glue.

Remember when you are a kid and you get Elmer’s glue on your hands and it dries all kind of wrinkled and old looking? That’s how my right hand looked.

I got my container of finger nail polish remover out and rubbed some over my hand thinking that it would help me get it off. Turned out that my remover didn’t have any acetone in it. We were already planning on having dinner out, so I had to eat looking like I was trying to preserve my right hand before I could go to Wal-Mart and get some acetone remover.

Then the acetone remover didn’t work either and I had to spend the entire weekend picking dried glue off my fingers. It was about 2 hours into my glue picking when I vowed to myself to quit the madness of nail preservation; from now on I’ll get the nail clippers instead of the glue. It’s much easier!

2 random thoughts:

Kay said...

Oh my goodness! I got my nails 'done' ONCE..before my wedding. Fake nails and all. And before the wedding I closed the washing machine on one of them and it sort of lifted. It survived the wedding and honeymoon, but I sent hubs to the store to buy acetone and a glass bowl and I spent one of our first evenings home soaking those silly things off so I could have my fingers back. So I'm glad you learned your lesson..short nails are better than nails that won't stay put or glued skin..and rugs..and counters..and fingers. :)

Candy said...

I love the gel nails and get them every so often as a treat as well. And they have to use nail glue sometimes on my thumbs especially. One day I tried regular super glue on my own. I was standing over the sink (once before I used it and it got all over the kitchen counter...still there to this day) and as I was trying to get the lid off it popped and the glue exploded in my face! I freaked because some of it hit my eyes even though I had my glasses on. I was thinking in my head, "Don't blink, don't blink!" I washed my eyes out quickly and, of course, my eyes were not glued together. But I now have glasses that I have had to adjust to looking around the super glue spots on my right lense. BTW, my glasses were brand new. Awesome. c:

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