Thursday, January 26, 2012

Prayers For Anderson

Anderson got admitted to the hospital today around lunchtime. He had thrown up a few times last night and by this morning he still wasn't taking his bottle or eating anything. Add that to a pretty bad cough and congestion and we knew he was a sick little guy. Jeremy took him to the doctor at 9 and much to our suprise she decided to admit him for IV hydration. He has tested negative for RSV, strep and the flu, and Dr. D was pretty much stumped at what else might be going on. Better to be safe than sorry with such a small baby, so she felt like we needed to have some further precautions taken. We have been at the hospital since noon and he got his IV about 3:00 this afternoon. So far he has only had 2 really wet diapers since last night around 8:00, and the poor little guy was so dehydrated that he had to be stuck 3 times to get a line that would work. When he was getting his IV he didn't even have tears to cry.

Overall he's pretty pitiful right now. He's fussy and irratable and just one sick little fella. After one bag of IV fluids he is now crying tears again, so that's a good thing. I graduated from HS with his nurse, and she's taking good care of us. I ran home long enough to pack some stuff for tonight and now I'm about to head back to the hospital. Please keep Anderson in your prayers for speedy recovery. We truly appreciate it. Much love!!

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