Wednesday, January 25, 2012

A Scary Turn Of Events

We got home late after karate class on Tuesday night and we got Jackson into the shower when we got home. Anderson was smelling a little bit like sour milk, so we put him into the garden tub while Jackson was taking his shower. Everything was going fine and then in a blink it all changed.

Jackson got out of the shower and Jeremy was drying him off while I still had Anderson in the tub. Jeremy and Jackson were playing a game and about to run to Jackson’s room to get his pajamas and I guess the bottom of Jackson’s feet were a little wet. He took off running and didn’t make it more than a few feet when his feet went out from under him and he slammed his face into the bathroom floor. He started wailing and literally by the time Jeremy grabbed him up off the ground he had a huge goose egg on his forehead. I was panicked; it was a big blue knot about the size of a half dollar in seconds and Jackson was hurting so bad.

I grabbed Anderson out of the tub and sat him butt naked on the bathroom rug and then ran for some Tylenol for Jackson and an ice pack. I had Jackson in my lap and then made a call to the pediatrician to see what to do. I know that when there is a head injury you want to see a bump on the outside because if you can’t see it, then the bump is on the inside of the head, which is not good.

She called back after a few minutes and we had done everything right. Jackson has a  nice knot on his head today, but he’s fine.

It’s moments like this in parenting that partly explain why I have a head full of grey hair. I don’t guess it will get any better!

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Kay said...

Wow...scary! Glad he's ok though. Embrace the gray,'re just getting started! ; )

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