Monday, January 23, 2012

The Song That Never Ends

"Welcome to winter with 2 kids."

That's what I was thinking when Jackson woke up Sunday morning with a terrible cough. He had a very mild and random cough Saturday, but by Sunday morning it was completely different. I was changing Anderson's diaper when Jackson walked out of his room and immediately he started coughing so hard that I thought he was going to throw up. It wasn't a regular cough either; it was very croupy sounding, and what scared me more was the fact that when he quit coughing he was still gasping for air. He has seasonal related asthma, mostly just wheezing, but he has never had an asthma attack. That's what I was afraid was about to happen. He had gotten pretty upset by the coughing and I got him calmed down and gave him some puffs off of his inhaler and a dose of Mucinex cough medicine.

After a few minutes he was feeling better, but he was not a happy camper when I told him that we were going to Primed as soon as it opened up. He is terrified of getting shots, but I was fairly certain that he had bronchitis and wouldn't need a shot.

We packed up and headed to Primed by 8 and after an xray and strep test it was determined that he had bronchitis and an upper respiratory infection. He was given a breathing treatment and we were on our way by 9:30.

Between Anderson's ear infection problems and now Jackson's bronchitis and upper respiratory infection, spring can't come too soon!

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