Friday, January 13, 2012

Weekly Confessions

  • I paid my speeding ticket the other day. Believe me, that’s a $200 lesson that won’t be forgotten.
  • I’m a little behind the times, but I watched Water for Elephants last week and immediately had to order the book on my Kindle. It was so good. If you haven’t read it, I highly recommend it. Consider yourself warned though that there are a few times when the circus didn’t have enough money to buy food for the meat eating animals, and the other circus animals became breakfast. Poor little goats!
  • Jackson got his 2nd report card yesterday and he did so good. It’s hard to believe that he’s reading already. Gone are the days when I could just spell something out so he wouldn’t know what we are talking about. Now he just sounds the letters out and figures the word out. So proud of him, but that really cramps my sneaky parenting methods.
  • Winter has finally arrived in the south. Yesterday was a high of 45 with winds up to 25mph. Cold!!! I prefer 70 degrees with a comfortable breeze. 25 mph winds are a far cry from comfortable breezes.
  • I absolutely love going on vacation and I’m all about ordering travel guides. I got a travel guide in the mail this week to somewhere we will be visiting in May and I’m super excited. I can’t say where it is just yet, but it does involve an airplane. Yay! I love traveling on airplanes. Jackson found out about this trip (which he won’t be going on) and was less than happy. He told me, “Well, I’m just gonna go anyway.” It’s good to know that I’m raising a small version of myself as far as attitude is concerned.

That’s it for me today. Y’all need to confess anything?

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