Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Tubes, Tubes, Tubes

Today is the day Anderson gets his tubes put in. We have to be at the surgical center at 6:00, but we have no idea what time the procedure will start. Anderson hasn’t been able to eat or drink anything after midnight, and we’re more than a little concerned about that. A is just like me; when his eyes open he is ready for food! Jeremy gave him an extra bottle last night around 11:30, but I don’t expect that it is going to fool our little man.

Please pray for Anderson during his procedure. We’ve been through this 3 times with Jackson, so we know what to expect, we just pray everything goes perfectly. I’ll update later!

Updated: Anderson did amazing with his surgery. Dr. Knox said that his ears weren't bad at all and that the surgery will relieve the pressure he has been feeling in his ears. We've already seen today that he is being much more vocal, and other than being a little fussy and tired this morning, he's done super. Thanks for your prayers!

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