Thursday, March 29, 2012

An Interview With Jackson

Because he’s only going to be 5 once, and according to him, he has an answer for everything, I present to you an interview with Jackson:

Where do clouds come from? “Clouds come from snow and they  are made out of water.”

What is your favorite thing about school? Recess.

What is the yuckiest food in the world? “Corn on the cob.”

What is the best thing about being a brother?" “I like to be a good brother.”

What is your favorite color? “Red.”

What is your favorite toy? “My racecars.”

Now for the tough questions….

Who would win in a fight, Iron Man or the Incredible Hulk? “The Hulk because he has bigger muscles than everybody.”

Who is the best Super hero? “Incredible Hulk.”

What do you think about global warming? “I don’t know what you are talking about. “

Who is going the Republican primary, Romney, Santorum or Gingrich. “Gingrich.”

What do you think of Obama? “He’s a bad one.”

What do you think of Obamacare? “I don’t like it.”

Are you a Republican or a Democrat? Republican because God just made me that way.

Clearly he’s following in his Mama’s footsteps!

That’s all for today! Y’all have a great day!

1 random thoughts:

Nana said...

Maybe you should do an "Ask Jackson Wednesday" sometime. I think he would love it.

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