Saturday, March 17, 2012

Our Little Leprachaun


Anderson was hospitalized again yesterday due to his RSV and hand, foot and mouth disease. Both of these viruses are enough to put a kid into the hospital, but combined it has given Anderson’s immune system a run for its money. Both pediatricians we have seen said that they have never seen these viruses at the same time in a child, and right now Anderson is a pretty sick kiddo. He is in isolation right now, not so much for visitors, but for the germs a visitor might bring into the room. He doesn’t need to be exposed to anything else in his weakened state.

Our biggest concern right now is his oxygen level; it keeps dropping below 90 and we can’t go home until  he is of oxygen for 24 hours. Right now we have a long way to go….

Forget a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow; right now I just want a healthy baby boy. Please keep him in your prayers.

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Esther said...


Candy Jones said...

He looks so much like you! I am praying for that sweet baby and you and Jeremy and the sweet grandparents too. I hope you are hanging in there. God is busy isn't He. C: Something good is coming. It really is. Love you.

Kay said...

Praying for you and your sweet Anderson! I so feel your pain at watching your boy feel miserable and feeling as if you can do nothing to make it all go away, even though that's what mommies are supposed to be able to do. Hugs, love and prayers for a speedy recovery!

Rachel @ Grasping for Objectivity said...

Poor little guy!!! I hope he's all better now! He's been through it, hasn't he?

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