Monday, March 05, 2012

Vegas Bound!

It turns out that 2012 has some big travel planes in store for us; Jeremy is going on a company trip to Vegas and I get to go with him! We are super excited. It’s our first trip flying anywhere together, and neither of us have been to Vegas before. The trip is scheduled over a long weekend in May and we can’t wait. Other than a couple of company sponsored luncheons we are free to explore. We are staying at the Paris hotel (pictured below) and I can’t wait to see all the touristy things in Vegas. I’m looking up tour info to go to the Hoover dam because I just want to go on that dam tour so bad! Smile I’m not a gambler by any stretch but I think visiting Las Vegas is going to be so much fun. Jackson is mad that he can’t go on an airplane, but Jeremy and I are thrilled that we get to go on a real vacation alone for a change!


After our Vegas adventure we are taking Jackson out of school for a day and heading down to the Alabama gulf coast to spend the weekend at the beach. Jackson is dying to go to the beach and we will be able to visit before the summer season rates go through the roof. I’m a little nervous about taking Anderson to the beach but I think he’ll be fine. Our condo has 6 pools and 1 is indoors so we can stay out of the sun during the hottest part of the day. Hopefully Anderson won’t eat too much sand while we’re there!


And after our beach trip is our trip to Disney World for Jackson’s 6th birthday! I’m booking the trip today and we will be traveling in September. We did decide to leave Anderson at home with his grandparents. I’m going to miss him terribly, but this will give us the chance to have a wonderful trip with Jackson and enjoy Disney to the fullest. We will only have 3 days in the parks, and we’re going to be exhausted when we get home, but I am so excited about seeing Jackson experience Disney. It’s going to be such a fun trip!


If you have any travel tips for Vegas or Disney I’m all mouse ears! I’ll take any advice you have! Y’all have a great day!

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