Monday, April 16, 2012

My Evolution of Parenting

Once upon a time, before I had Jackson, I had grand illusions of parenting. My children were always going to be well dressed, polite and respectful. You would never see my child being “that” kid in a restaurant, throwing food and causing scenes. When my kids got older they would play quietly, be potty trained at respectable ages, and never speak back to adults or be manipulative. They would eat their vegetables, and ask for seconds. They would find potty humor deplorable, and never even think of pooting or burping.

Heaven knows when my kids became teenagers they wouldn’t be caught dead wearing gothic or emo clothing, have piercings or mohawks, and their hair would always be neat and tidy, in their normal shade of brown.

Instead, only 5 years later, I have raised a child that thinks burping and pooting are the funniest things in the world. He prefers wearing camouflage shorts instead of khaki shorts. He plays loudly and roughly and he loves to  wrestle with his Daddy. He eats vegetables only when forced, and he’s really good at talking me into things. He’s hilariously funny, even when I can’t let him know how funny he is because he’s actually being sassy.

And this weekend he had green hair.


And I love everything about him. Green hair and all.

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Kay said...

I had a pretty long list of things I thought I would surely never do as a parent...and famous last words. I'm eating them. : )

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