Friday, April 27, 2012

Weekly Confessions

  • I’m spending my Friday and Saturday at a ladies conference with Sarah Palin and Candace Cameron. I’m convinced that, if given the chance, Sarah and I could be BFF. All that is holding our friendship back is the fact that we haven’t met. We’re destined to be buddies.
  • Please don’t judge me for this, but when I see people of Hispanic descent eating in Taco Bell I can’t help but wonder to myself if they realize that Taco Bell isn’t exactly Mexican cuisine at its finest. It would be like me eating at Golden Corral and expecting fine Southern food.
  • Jackson is convinced that he knows how to hypnotize me. Really I’m just good at pretending to be asleep. It’s the only quiet time I get lately.
  • We are 6 days away from our trip to Las Vegas! Our flight is going all over the country to get there, starting in B’ham, heading to Phoenix, dropping by San Diego and then shooting over to Vegas. Our return flight is direct. Gotta love the joys of corporate travel!
  • In preparation for our trip I have gone to the tanning bed a few times. I don’t like tanning, but I have reached a new level of pasty and I had to do something before I burned to a crisp in the desert. I doubt my efforts will do any good.
  • I can’t ever spell “desert” correctly on the first try. I always spell “dessert” instead. Clearly I have food on my brain all the time.
  • I got a wild hair and rented a convertible for our last day in Vegas. We’re going to the Hoover Dam and Red Rock Canyon. I’ve never ridden in a convertible before and we decided to splurge. I can’t wait!

That’s all for today! Anything you need to confess?

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