Monday, May 14, 2012

Las Vegas Day 2

Pardon the blogging interruption. Anderson had a fever virus from Tuesday until Friday, and Jeremy was out of town Wednesday and most of Thursday. It was  a LONG week!

Here is day 2 of our Vegas trip.


Breakfast at the Sugar Factory. It was delicious!!!


View of the Bellagio from the Sugar Factory. Look at that sky!

After breakfast we were off the Jeremy’s Century Club awards ceremony. He did great at work last year, and he made club level with his company! I am so proud of him!


Jeremy’s ruby ring with his first club level diamond! Isn’t it pretty!!!

After the awards ceremony Jeremy and I spent the rest of the day exploring Vegas. We walked what felt like 20 miles and saw so many things. Here is a variety of pics!


Random hotel that I can’t remember the of. Maybe Caesar’s Palace?


Candy Statue of Liberty, and Lady Liberty from New York New York100_0815

Then we headed to the 4 story M&M Store which smelled heavenly! I have never seen so many M&M’s in my life!100_0816

Wall of candy!


After all day of walking Jeremy and I headed back to our room and got ready for our dinner reservations at Red Square, a Russian restaurant at Mandalay Bay. I was nervous about having Russian food, but it was so good! I got the filet mignon with mashed potatoes and Jeremy had the beef stroganoff.


After dinner we walked around Mandalay Bay and then headed into the Luxor (the pyramid hotel). That was one of Jeremy’s favorites, just the design of the inside was really cool. After exploring for awhile we caught a cab back to our hotel and called it a night. Stay tuned for day 3!


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Kay said...

Good for Jeremy doing so well at work. I forget that what he does is also a 'business'. Good job! : )

Looks like a really fun day!

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