Thursday, May 24, 2012

License Plate Genius

I got behind a car on my way to work on Wednesday and they had a personalized license plate that read “K8ESPNY”. I’m all about trying to figure out license plate anagrams, so I was up for the challenge. Since I was behind her for about 5 miles I had plenty of time to try to figure out her plate. Here was my progression:

Mile 1: K8ESPNY=Kate ESP NY (Kate must have ESP when she’s in NY.)

Mile 2: K8ESPNY=Kate ESPN Why? (Kate likes ESPN, but why?)

Mile 3: K8ESPNY= Kate Espany (Maybe Kate speaks with a Spanish accent and is just trying to trick me with her license plate trickery.)

Mile 4: K8ESPNY=Katie Spiney (Maybe Kate prefers being called Katie, as in Couric, and is a chiropractor.)

Mile 5: K8ESPNY=Katie ???

It finally occurred to me, right before she turned off the road, to look at what she was driving. It was a brand new red Ford Mustang.

Katie’s Pony

She’s a genius for having such a cool license plate, and I’m an idiot for it taking me 5 miles to figure it out.

3 random thoughts:

MOM2U said...

You are so funny!!!

Jessica said...

I am so terrible at figuring those out. I get so excited when I get one!!

Esther said...

Dude. I would have taken WAY longer.

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