Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Amazing Wonders Aviation

My sister Kellyn and I, as well as our great friend Crystal are teaching 3rd and 4th grade at our church’s Vacation Bible School this week.  We have been working hard on our Vacation Bible School room, and we are super happy with the end result. As usual we used an overhead projector and painted our images on white butcher paper. Since the theme is centered around Victoria Falls in Africa we chose to go with an animal themed room. We hung 3 blue tablecloths from Dollar Tree up to represent the falls, and then finished the room off with miniature airplanes made out of toilet paper rolls that Crystal made. They are so cute!  Here’s our room!
Admit, Believe, Confess wall
Tree, Lion (that I just love!) and our Bible verse wall.
100_1594 100_1580100_1595
Elephant, baby elephant and giraffe wall with clouds

Victoria Falls made out of cardboard and blue table clothes. The rocks at the base of the falls were made out of crumbled up paper grocery bags.
One of Crystal’s airplane. Love it!
Here are my two sweet VBS’ing kiddos these week. Aren’t they precious! Hope you enjoyed the pics!

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Kay said...

Impressive! I always find it amazing what women can create with "butcher paper", sacks and markers. And these days, it's more over the top than ever. Good job! : )

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