Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Crazy Week Around Wade’s World

  • Jeremy and I met his sister and her hubbie (Amy and Adam) in Tuscaloosa on Saturday, where we swapped one chatterbox of a 5 year old into their car to spend the week in Mississippi. He’s in Starkville until Wednesday and then heading to Hattiesburg until next Monday. Our house is so crazy quiet right now, and I’m sure that Amy and Adam’s ear drums are bleeding from Jackson talking nonstop. Seriously, the ride back home from Tuscaloosa was the quietest our car has ever been. I miss Jackson like crazy, but he’s having a blast! He got to go to college yesterday (Mississippi State) with Uncle Adam who is a professor there. I heard he told Adam before they got there, “If you need to take a rest or something, I’ll be happy to watch the kids for you!”  He is such a fun little mess!
  • Anderson is thriving on being the only child for the next week. He’s getting constant attention and will be spoiled rotten by the time Jackson gets home. It’s strange only having one child again, and since A’s not talking yet our house is super quiet!
  • Jeremy and I finally stepped into the 21st century and got new cell phones. We have ended our contract with AT&T where we were on a dinosaur of a plan and had to pay 20 cents per text message. It wasn’t a problem for me since I never text, but Jeremy gets lots of texts about work stuff, and our bill was going up drastically. Now we have new Droid phones and we’re both just smitten. Being on a 3G network  and still having unlimited talk, text and web is something I can live with. I’m almost embarrassed to tell y’all this, but I’ve had my Sony phone since Jackson was 8 months old. I should win an award or something! It’s been a good phone, but clearly it’s done it’s time and should be laid to rest! I downloaded Draw Something, and I would love some new friends on there. Be warned: my drawings are terrible!

See y’all tomorrow!

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Kay said...

Time away will be great for Jackson...even though I know it's hard for you. He's growing up so fast. I love it that A can have some time when he's not in big brother's shadow..I know he is loving that too. So jealous about the cell phone...I thought it was big stuff when I got the phone that slides open to reveal a keyboard...but it certainly isn't a 'smart' phone..and neither is the user. LOL

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