Friday, June 15, 2012

It’s Official: I’m A T-Ball Mom!

Jackson started T-ball for his team, the Mets, Thursday night with the YMCA and he did so good! I’ve never been around the ball field, especially considering my “sports” growing up were ballet and swimming, so ball field stuff is new to me. It only took me a few minutes of our first practice last night to discover that it is blazing hot outside during practice!

I was so proud of Jackson; he practiced at first base and did surprisingly well. When they worked on fielding the ball and throwing it back he had a perfect throw! I had to leave practice to head back to VBS before Jackson went up to bat, but Jeremy said that he did great hitting. We’re going to have a few more practices and then we will have games twice a week through the summer. Jackson had a blast, and we’re so excited to watch him play this summer.

I was able to get some pictures during practice. I’m so proud of my little ball player!


1 random thoughts:

Rachel said...

How cute!! He looks so professional already.

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