Friday, June 22, 2012

Weekly Confessions

  • My GPS has lost its mind this week. Once this week it told me to make a U-turn in 58 miles. Pretty sure I'm not doing that! It also gave me an ETA of 1 hour and 25 minutes for me to drive 44 miles. Clearly my GPS needs a vacation!
  • I saw a girl this week with a barcode tattooed on her wrist. This is an assumption on my part, but I'm pretty sure she hasn't read Revelation.
  • I saw another girl with a neon green shirt, about 4 sizes too small, that read, "You're Blinded By My Awesomeness." No, sweetie, I'm blinded by your shirt. And the fact that your beer belly is hanging out the bottom of your shirt.
  • I try not to judge people, but if you have barcodes tattooed on yourself and wear shirts that are ridiciously small, you are inviting people to question your judgement.
  • I'm having a Scentsy party tomorrow night at my friend Crystal's house. I'm super excited. If you need any Scentsy stuff, you can shop at!
  • Anderson has gotten spoiled rotten this week being an only child. Jackson is going to have to help him back into reality when he gets home on Monday!
That's all for today. Hope y'all have a great weekend!

1 random thoughts:

Esther said...

Does she think she can scan herself or something? People are WEIRD.

Like the 30-something woman who was bragging in the library this morning, about the fact that she skipped school her senior year by hiding in the library every day. Really?

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