Tuesday, July 17, 2012

50 Days From Today!

50 days from today we will be heading to Walt Disney World! We are so excited! This will be the first trip for Jeremy and Jackson, and I haven't been to the Magic Kingdom in 20 years. I'm 99.9% sure that we have settled on spending 2 days at Magic Kingdom and 1 day at Hollywood Studios for this trip, with an excursion to Epcot for dinner on our first night. We have meal reservations at Crystal Palace, Garden Grill and the Spirit of Aloha luau show. Because this is a birthday present for Jackson, he will get to wear a "Birthday Boy" button during the trip and can gets lots of special attention from cast members.

Jackson knows that we are going to Disney World after school starts, but what we haven't told him (SSHHH...it's a BIG surprise) is that we are flying there instead of driving. He has wanted to fly on an airplane forever, and after we scored some amazing rates, we opted for splurging just a little bit more and booking flights. We plan on telling him at his birthday party about the flights. I'm not good at keeping secrets, but I want to pull off a good surprise for him with this.

Keep the Disney tips coming! We're walking into this blind and I can use all the advice you can give me. Y'all take care!

2 random thoughts:

Kay said...

I am giddy with excitement for all of you! I know Jackson will be thrilled about his plane ride. My girl was in middle school before we rode on a plane. To WDW! : ) She loved it, but it didn't take her long to drag out her DS and start playing. It made me so sad because I was in high school when I first rode in a plane and I was fascinated...and I had to sit in a different row from her and missed her tiny bits of anxiety turn to awe at traveling by air. She still asks to travel that way every time a vacation is mentioned. So be warned...you're creating a "can't we just fly?" monster! ; )

Candy said...

Oh, I am so excited for y'all. I love the Crystal Palace. And I have heard the Luau is wonderful. And I do see all the B'day kids get super extra attention. All of you will have a blast. I will try to think of some tips. I am currently brainless C:. But I will think and write some stuff down. One thing I wish I had done (and you will be exhausted) but at the end of the day, write down real quick what y'all did that day. Because it is all so fast and when the trip is over you are like, "what did we just do?" Maybe just jot down some sweet memories of each day so you will have that recorded. Hope everything else is good.

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