Thursday, August 16, 2012

More Magical Advice Needed

We are 20 days away from our trip and I’m beginning to get into obsessive mode about planning. I have the meal reservations nailed down, touring plans app downloaded, and lots of Disney “souvenirs” to surprise Jackson with in our room. Here’s where I’m out of my element, and I would gladly welcome any advice y’all can share with me…

Backpacks: What to pack in it? Is it worth it carrying it around all day?

Autographs: What do you get autographed? I’ve thought of the autograph books, a pillow case, or a photo mat to frame a picture from our trip when we get home.

Strollers: Should we get one for Jackson just so he doesn’t have to walk so much?

Transportation: What is the best way to get from Epcot to Magic Kingdom?

Hotel: Do we go back to the hotel during the day to rest?

Water rides: Do your shoes get soaked and then you have to walk around in wet shoes all day which sounds like a major recipe for blisters? Do you take a pair of flip flops? Does your backpack get soaked?

Tower of Terror: Will this ride traumatize Jackson for the rest of his life?

Thanks for any advice y’all can share!!!

5 random thoughts:

Kay said...

I think backpacks could be beneficial...small ones all around, or perhaps a slightly bigger one for one of the adults. Thinking sunscreen, snacks, water, wipes etc. Autographs...I don't think they will autograph something as oddly shaped as a pillow case. I would stick to the book. You could open to a new page and leave the page adjacent to it blank to put a pic of your kids with the character, and it would make the book more fun. Strollers...does Jackson get whiny when tired and hot? If so, then yes. Nothing ruins a trip faster than a kid who thinks he/she is DYING because of walking MILES in a day. Probably 5-7 in a day. Epcot and Magic Kingdom are on the monorail..hop on. Many people who do WDW in the summer make it habit to let kids swim/nap during the hottest part of the day and then hit the parks again at night. But to each his own. Yes, shoes get soaked...many people carry flops in a backpack to switch out while in line so their walking shoes aren't soaked. Along the shoe/foot line of's available in the foot care area at Walmart. And also bring tiny scissors (in your checked luggage) so you can cut it to fit over a rubby place on your foot or a blister, if anybody gets one. Some people bring a garbage bag to put all their stuff, backpack etc for water rides. Whew!

I'm so excited for you..I know it will be a magical trip! : )

Kay said...

On the Tower of Terror...might check into the baby swap thing they have. You all wait in line and then one at a time, you both get to don't have to wait twice in the line. I can't remember exactly what it's called, but that might be helpful to you. Do you have to Unofficial Guide? It's all outlined in there. : )

Katherine @ Grass Stains said...

You may remember that we went in 2010 ... here's my wrap-up post from that trip that kind of consolidated the tips I'd pass on to others. Hope it helps!

Katherine @ Grass Stains said...

Okay, the link didn't post. I had to try three times to get past your word verification last time, so maybe my link got lost during the madness.

McCrory Family said...

You definitely want a backpack full of hand sanitizer, wallet/money, camera and I packed a baggie with a change of clothes for the girls. We had a stroller and Claire desperately needed it. That was a lot of walking for those little legs! We rode the monorail everywhere and it is awesome. Quick, easy, AIR CONDITIONED transportation (and easy to push a stroller onto the train as well). We didn't go back to the room during the day but we didn't stay out late either. I would go back to room to rest, change clothes in late afternoon then hit parks again at dinner time. We did an autograph book and the girls love it. It is fun to look back through and each character has their own page. Also, you can include a picture of J with the character on the page next to the autograph - a fun memory! I'm excited for y'all!!

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