Monday, August 13, 2012

Our Family Is Growing!

We've thought long and hard about whether or not we were ready to add to our family again. We've gotten into such a good routine with Jackson and Anderson, and have had some long conversations about our family dynamics, and if we wanted to shake things up and add more to the Wade household. With both of us working full time, with 2 kids and a B-A-D dog, life can sometimes be a zoo. We've wondered for months now about whether we could juggle more in our life, and still have some sense of sanity. Knowing that such decisions can't be made lightly, we've really being weighing the pros and cons of making any changes for some time now.

This weekend, we made it official, and the Wade household grew by two fins. We are proud to introduce Jackson's fish, Alvin. It was a birthday gift from Papa and Gigi, and he's just the right kind of addition to our family for the time being! Jackson loves him, and has done a really good job of taking care of him. He's a really pretty fish, and we're super excited that Jackson can have a pet of his own. Thanks Papa and Gigi for Alvin! He's pretty cool!!!

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Rachel said...

You're a good Mama...

we only allow human living things here.

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