Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Apparently Our Family Is Growing Again...

I swore we were done. We were happy as a family of four...2 parents, 2 kids....Perfection in symmetry...Complete....
The cat from across the street apparently thought otherwise. Despite my raging allergies, and  vehement objections from Jeremy and Macy, we've been adopted. 

Meet "Tip Tip", the newest member of Wade's World.
Why "Tip Tip"? That would be because her back left leg is hurt and she "tip toes" across the street to see us every time we walk outside. Jackson has fallen head over tail for this cat, and even though I'm not a cat person, and I don't dare touch her for any reason due to my allergies, I have to say, she's a pretty sweet cat. Our "ownership" thus far has consisted of buying a bag of cat food and a cat toy and driving Macy nuts whenever she sees the cat through the glass door. As much as I want to take her to the vet to get her checked out, the thought of putting a cat inside my car makes my allergies go nuts. Tip Tip has a "real" owner, and I hope they take her to the vet soon. Jeremy is okay with me buying a bag of food, but vet bills for a cat aren't high on our list of priorities right now.
So there she is...our newest member. For a family member of the feline persuasion, she's not half bad, as long as I don't touch her!

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