Sunday, October 07, 2012

Happy 40th Anniversary!!!

40 years ago today my sweet parents, Tom and Soyna, otherwise known around here as Nana and Tata, got married. Kellyn and I have been covertly planning a surprise get together for about a month, and last night we pulled it off. We had 21 friends from church and Mom and Dad's supper club meet up at the Catfish House and we pulled off a pretty good surprise party on Mom and Dad! Kellyn and I had told them that we wanted to take them to dinner, but they had no clue that it wouldn't be just us! Kellyn, Jason and her mother-in-law had made an almost exact replica of their wedding cake, which turned out gorgeous! We had their original cake topper, cake knife given to Mom and Dad as a gift from Governor George C. Wallace, and their wedding album from their house, all without them having a clue!
The party was so much fun, and we enjoyed ourselves so much celebrating such a special, and these days, rare occurrence for a couple. 40 years is a long time, and I'm so proud of my parents for being such a good example of marriage to Kellyn and I. My sister and I have been so blessed by our parents, and we hope they know that they mean the world to us!

The cake, their flowers, a picture of them cutting their cake on their wedding day, and their wedding album.
Mom and Dad with their girls.

The Wade's, the Moore's and the Gibson's. I have such a wonderful family!!
Love you Mom and Dad!! Happy 40th!!!

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