Friday, December 07, 2012

Weekly Random

  • Anderson is 18 months old today! The little stinker has completely stolen my heart in a way that only the "baby" of the family can. He can stay my baby as long as he likes!!! He still isn't saying anything except, "eh" and we have his 18 month checkup next week where we will discuss speech therapy. I know he understands what we are saying, I just wish he could contribute to the conversation other than by pointing and grunting like a caveman!
  • Nothing makes you feel better about being a hard working, tax paying citizen than seeing a brand new vehicle parked outside a food stamp office.
  • I picked up Home Alone for Jackson at the movie store yesterday and we watched it last night. I had completely forgotten about the "a" word and "hell" being in there. Repeatedly. Nothing like having to pause a movie and tell your six year old, "That is NOT a word you are ever to say, and I want you to forget that you ever heard it." His response, "What word?" A few minutes later he said, "Mama, what was that word that I'm supposed to forget again?" Nice try kid, nice try.
  • It's the 7th of December and I have ZERO Christmas decorations out yet. That's the plan for tomorrow! I feel like I've stolen half of Christmas from my kids, but alas, that's life!
  • I checked my bank balance this morning and all 5 accounts showed a $0.00 balance. What a way to get your heart pumping!!! For a split second I was so freaked out, and then I realized that the bank was having a glitch. When I refreshed, my money magically reappeared. Not much money reappeared, but alas, that also is life!

Y'all have a great weekend!!

1 random thoughts:

Kay said...

Home Alone...makes me feel old. We saw that one a long time ago. But I guess 'the classics' never die. ; )

I think A will catch up fine on his speech. My girl waited a while and then just started talking almost in full sentences from the git go. Hang in there. : )

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