Tuesday, December 11, 2012

What This Mommy Wants For Christmas....

  • The chance, just for 1 day, to sleep past 5:30 in the morning on the weekend.
  • To eat one meal in peace, while my food is still hot.
  • To eat one meal in peace, without having to share my food.
  • To be able to go to the bathroom, alone, every now and then.
  • To be able to take a shower, every now and then, without a crying toddler beating on the bathroom door because he's furious that I won't let him in.
  • To take a nap, uninterrupted and alone, for as long as I like.
  • To be completely caught up on laundry for just a few hours.
  • My van and travel car to be detailed, from the dusty dashboard to the crusty cup holders. No doubt, I have mommy cars!
  • A cleaning, cooking and laundry fairy to live in my house and take care of our every need!

As tired as I am all the time, and sometimes completely overwhelmed with housework, working full time outside-the-home, and taking care of responsibilities at church, I wouldn't trade my family for anything. Even for a long Sunday nap!

1 random thoughts:

Kay said...

Your day will come on the sleeping in. But sadly now that our girl would sleep til noon on Saturday, we awake at 7. Seems a little cruel. I still have a mommy car. There is crud all over it all the time. I think I am blind to it at this point. Would love a chef, but would prefer to do the laundry myself..it's a mindless chore, unlike planning and executing a meal 3X a day. Hugs...you will get there...the hard days of the young years will be a blur in the rear view mirror before you know it. Trust me.

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