Monday, January 07, 2013

Blessings From The Dinner Table

The other night, it was like a miracle occurred at our house. I had a four course meal prepared from scratch, well balanced with only the freshest, organic fruits and vegetables, and hormone free meat. We were eating at 6, so not too early and not too late, and everyone was on their best behavior. Our table was set with our finest china, cloth napkins and real silverware. Our family of four gathered around the dinner table and gave thanks to our Heavenly Father above for what he has so richly blessed us with, and then after our prayer, we began to eat our delicious meal. I heard nothing but, "This is amazing" and "You're the best Mom and cook in the whole world!" Everyone cleaned the plates and asked for seconds, and all was right with the world.

And then I woke up....

In reality this is what I hear around the dinner table...
  • "We're having that again?"
  • "I'm not eating that, it has ______ in it!"
  • "EEEEHHHHHHH!!!" (That is the sound Anderson makes when Macy tries to get his food)
  • "Will you make me some eggs?"
  • "Fine. I'll eat 3 more bites, but then I'm never going to eat it ever again."
  • "I'm just not going to eat and then I'll go to bed hungry and you'll be sad."
And these are my responses...
  • "Yes, we're having that again, and I like it, therefore I'm going to cook it."
  • "Tough stuff. Pick it out."
  • "Would somebody PLEASE get Macy out of the house!!!!
  • "No, I'm not cooking you some eggs. This is not Burger King, and you will not get it your way."
  • "Yes, you will eat 3 more bites, and yes, you will eat it again."
  • "No sweetie, light of my life, darling child of mine, if you don't eat, you will NOT get any snacks, and you will be the only one sad that you are going to bed hungry. Not me!"
I'm getting payback ten fold from everything that I ever gave to my Mom...

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Kay said...

Oh my. Cracking me up. I feel for you, but glad you're sticking to your guns. If you start being a short order chef then you will always be one. So hang tough...and keep having a sense of humor and remember, this too shall pass. When they go off to college. ; )

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