Friday, February 01, 2013

Prayers For Ethan


On Tuesday of this week a gunman boarded a school bus in Midland City, AL and demanded that the school bus driver give him to children. The driver, Charles Poland, was shot and killed. One of the little boys in the bus, a five year old named Ethan, fainted and was carried away to an underground bunker by the gunman. Ethan suffers from autism, and will have his 6th birthday very soon. He has been with his captor for more than 60 hours now. Dale county is in my marketing territory, and I travel through this sleepy little town once a month. In fact, just yesterday I was 20 minutes from Midland City. This is not the kind of thing you would ever expect would happen in such a small community.

I can't imagine what the family of the heroic bus driver is going through, and my heart is broken for thinking about the terror those kids must have felt witnessing such an awful act. Please pray that Ethan is returned safe and sound to his Mom and Dad very soon, that this situation will resolve without further violence, and that he will be able to cope with the horror of this situation.

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Anonymous said...

Please let this little boy go. Let this precious child be with his family. Lord help us Jesus.

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