Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Grass Stains and PTSD

(AKA "The Post In Which Amy Confesses That Her Mind Is An Uncontrollable Beast And Cannot Be Turned Off No Matter How Much Amy Tries)
This past Saturday Jackson had baseball practice and came home with a pretty nice grass stain on the knee of his baseball pants. Try as I might, I cannot get that stain out. I hate stains on clothes and I guess it's traumatized me more than I thought, because apparently I've developed GSPTSD (Grass Stain Post Traumatic Stress Disorder).
Last night Jackson had baseball practice again and despite the fact that he came home with no new grass stains on his pants, grass and grass stains were all I dreamed about last night.
Grass stains on brand new clothes
Grass stains on old clothes
Soft, green grass
Crunchy, brown grass
Mowing grass
Itching because of grass
Bugs in grass
The smell of grass
Grass scented Scentsy wax
Running in grass
Playing in grass
I woke up and told Jeremy that I was sleeping horribly because I can't quit thinking about grass and grass stains. His reply, "You need help."
The problem is I know, but I doubt there is one doctor out there capable of treating GSPTSD. It's a very new disorder from what I gather.
P.S. Now that I look at the word "grass" typed out so many times, I think that "grass" looks like a very funny word. Just thought you might like to know.

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Kay said...

When my girl enrolled in kindergarten, right as we were being introduced to the KHAKI pants she had to wear on chapel day, somebody told me about Simple Green and said it was THE stuff to get grass stains out. I used it faithfully during her "tacky pant" years and continue to use it for various stubborn stains. Good stuff!

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