Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Jackson's First Sleep Over!

Jackson had his first spend the night at our house on Saturday night with his buddy, John Michael. Saturday was JM's birthday and the boys had such a good time. We ate hotdogs and popcorn, watched Hotel Transylvania and Wreckit Ralph, and played with play dough. Anderson had a blast playing with the big boys, even though the party wasn't for him! He even joined in on taking a silly picture before the two big boys made me put the camera up! The boys had a great time playing before finally going to bed a little after 10:00. The plan was for JM to go to church with us on Sunday morning, but Jackson woke up at 5 and threw up. It certainly wasn't the way we wanted Jackson's first spend the night to end, but he had a good time anyways. Certainly the first of many sleep overs to come!

1 random thoughts:

Kay said...

Entering big kid territory! Great fun til somebody pukes...Cute pics! : )

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