Thursday, March 28, 2013

My Missionary, Jackson!

Jackson is heading out on his first mission trip today with his Tata! He will be going with a group of RA's and GA's from our church to Anniston, AL to do mission work at the Alabama Children's home and Calhoun Baptist Association. He is so excited, and this trip is all he has talked about for weeks! Jackson wasn't excited for spring break because he got to miss school; he was excited for spring break because he got to go on a mission trip! He was even telling his dental hygienist at his appointment the other day that he was going to go on a mission trip to help tell people about Jesus. How sweet is that!!

The group leaves our church this morning at 9 and will stay overnight and return late tomorrow afternoon. Please pray that they have a safe trip, and that Jackson has a wonderful time showing others the love of Jesus! I'm sure going to miss my big boy tonight, but I'm so proud of him and his sweet heart!

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