Tuesday, March 05, 2013


Jackson has been pestering me for a robe for weeks now. I have no idea where he got the idea of a robe from, but every time we go anywhere, he's asking me to get him a robe.
Thus far, I hadn't gotten him one because a) it's almost spring, and I didn't think it would get worn much and b) I was fairly certain that it would lose the luster after just a little bit, and it would be one more thing that I end up picking up off the floor time and time again.
Well, Jackson stayed at my mom's house on Saturday night and Sunday morning at church I found out that Mom had gone out and bought him his very own robe. He proudly modeling it for me after church, and he hasn't quit wearing it since. He's even going to sleep in it, which proves hilarious for Jeremy to try to get it off of him when Jackson is dead to the world so he doesn't sweat all night long.
He even wore it to school today. Granted, it was Pajama Day for Dr. Seuss week, but none-the-less, he wore his robe to school. One thing's for sure....he sure does look cute in his robe, and I'm glad my Mom went with the impractical, because the smile on his face is worth it!

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Kay said...

Glad he got his beloved robe. Funny on peeling it off him in his sleep. Ah, parenting. : )

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