Friday, April 05, 2013

Jackson Wade, #5!!!

Jackson had his very first official baseball game last night, and it was so much fun! Jackson's team is the Millbrook A's, and he is playing shortstop. It drizzled the entire night, but it didn't seem like Jackson even noticed, although there was lots of slipping and sliding going on out there on the field! He struck out once, and made a base hit after that. The game ended up tied 4-4 after an hour and a half and we went home tired and wet, but it was so worth. I have to agree with Jackson's Gigi, I'm going to love this new stage of life! And y'all, a little boy in baseball pants is just about the cutest thing ever. I guess it's official: I'm a baseball mom now!!!

P.S. I got the red dirt stains out of his pants on the first try. Whoo-hooo!

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