Wednesday, July 31, 2013

I've Never....

Here are 10 things I've never done, and my thoughts behind it in parenthesis.
  • I've never been to New York. (Can't wait to go. I would hop on a plane today to the Big Apple. Unfortunately, Jeremy has been and never wants to go back. I'm trying to talk him into letting Jackson and I go on an amazing Mommy-Son trip since we both want to go, but he refuses to allow that. Scrooge.)
  • I've never been to Washington D.C.. (Can't wait to go. Hopefully we will take a family trip around the time Jackson is in 4th or 5th grade so he can appreciate the history of the city.)
  • I've never smoked. (Never will. )
  • I've never been called for jury duty. (Would love to serve on a jury. That alone will probably mean that I will never be selected. Too willing and eager.)
  • I've never had anything published. (Hopefully in the future this will be something I can cross off my "I Never" list.)
  • I've never had a baby without being induced and having an epidural. (Never will.)
  • I've never performed CPR or the Heimlich maneuver. (Although I was a lifeguard back in the day, thank God above that I never had to do a rescue, perform CPR or the Heimlich maneuver, although I'm still certified.)
  • I've never donated an organ. (Weird thing to post, I know, but I've been on the kidney and bone marrow donor transplant list for years and despite my O-negative blood status, I've never been called up to be tested for an organ donation. Maybe one day I'll get to give the gift of life to someone if they need it!)
  • I've never left North America. (I've been to Mexico, Puerto Rico, the Bahamas, and St. Thomas, but never left North America. One day I want to go to Africa and Australia, and maybe Italy and Germany, but that's about it for international travel for me.)
  • I've never eaten a Whopper. (Whopper, Jr., yes, but not a full size Whopper. No desire to.)
What's something you've never done?

3 random thoughts:

Esther said...

You've never eaten Rhubarb either. ;-)

I've never been to Alabama!

The Whaley Family said...

I've never been skydiving

Kay said...

We used to play this in singles. I've never....(fill in the blank). And if somebody 'had' then that person had to get up and everybody had to find a seat. The person left standing had to start it all over again...I've never...! It's an interesting game to play very late at night at a single's retreat. ; )

I've never been on a jury before, but hubs has and it was awful. DC is amazing. I kinda want to go to NYC but hubs has been on business and says I would not like it. So that's that, I guess. I've never left North America either. The girl is DYING to go to Japan. We tell her it's nice to set goals for yourself for when you grow other words, we have no intention of taking her. Ha. Whoppers are delicious but I like Sonic burgers better. Not that I will EVER eat one again..just sayin'. : )

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