Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Dear Jackson,

Dear Jackson,
Happy 7th Birthday to my favorite big boy! It's been a whirlwind it seems that has somehow fast-forwarded time seven years already. How is that even possible? One minute you were a 8lb. 4oz. teeny little baby with a head full of black hair, and here you are now, weighing in at 51.5 pounds, missing 2 bottom teeth and have gotten so tall that you seem like you are nothing but legs, growing gangly and tall.
Jackson, I can't even put into words how proud I am of you. You are an amazing son and brother, and you lighten my life in ways I didn't know were going to be possible seven years ago. You are kind, compassionate, sensitive and so loving. You have the funniest sense of humor and you are able to reason in ways that sometimes I wish weren't possible, like when you try to talk me into letting you stay up past your bedtime! You, my sweet child, love your Lord with such a sweet, childlike faith, and I have been thrilled to watch you grow in your relationship with your Heavenly Father.
We have something that we tell each other all the time: One of us will say, "love you" and the response is always, "love you more" and the response to that is, "love you most" and the response to that is, "not possible."
Jackson, it's not possible for me to love you more than I already do. You and your brother have my heart in the way that only a mother can love her children. There is nothing in the world that I wouldn't do for you, from swimming the deepest oceans, to crossing the hottest desert. I will always love you to the moon and back a million times through.
Love always,

2 random thoughts:

Esther said...

Happy Birthday to your sweet boy!

Kay said...

Tears...the sweetest post! Happy birthday to a special boy, who happens to have some very special parents too. : )

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