Monday, August 05, 2013

I've Never (Round 2)

  • I've never gone sky diving, bungee jumping or parasailing. (Not sure that I ever will do these. Too many horror stories recently to put it on my bucket list.)
  • I've never made an official bucket list. (Probably something I need to do.)
  • I've never eaten sushi. (Have no desire to try it.)
  • I've never swam in the Alabama river. (Lived here my whole life and to my knowledge I've never put a toe in the Alabama river.)
  • I've never had anything other than my ears pierced. (Well, I had my upper ear cartilage pierced in high school, but that's still ear related.)
  • I've never purchased a purse that was over $30. (And I never will.)
  • I've never owned a pair of shoes that was over $100. (They were my Timberlands that I got when I was in 7th grade. I still have them, and they still fit. So my parents have almost 21 years into that investment.)
  • I've never eaten rhubarb, Dijon Mustard, or cauliflower. (Don't really know what rhubarb is, hate mustard of all varieties, and I would much rather stick with broccoli than attempt cauliflower.)
  • I've never been deep sea fishing. (Definitely something I want to do when the boys get a little bigger.)
  • I've never done a back dive into a swimming pool. (I've taught so many people how to do back dives into the pool, but I can't do one myself. I'm deathly afraid of hitting my head on the diving board and drowning. Although logically, I know I can't hit my head doing a back dive, but I still can't/won't do it.)
Anything else you've never done?

1 random thoughts:

pinepod said...

I think this is my 1st time commenting on your blog. I LOVE rhubarb, it's sour with a tang to it, my Mom makes rhubarb crisp which is delicious and we get rhubarb pie when it is available at restaurants, we've even planted rhubarb in our garden too.


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