Monday, September 30, 2013

Disney Day 3

We started our last day in the parks by heading to Hollywood Studios for Extra Magic Hours. In true Wade fashion we were at the park half an hour before the park opened, and first in line to get into the park! I made a beeline to Toy Story Mania and got fast passes and then we visited Buzz and Woody before hitting TSM. Everyone loved the ride (just as I expected!) and then we hit all our other park favorites: Tower of Terror and Star Tours before hitting TSM again. Best ride ever! Anderson loved the Disney Junior Show, and Nana and Tata loved the Little Mermaid show with Anderson. We played all morning, with Jeremy starring in the Backlot Tour show, and then enjoyed lunch at Pizza Planet. After we did everything we wanted to, headed back to the hotel for a quick rest, and then Jackson and I headed to Magic Kingdom for his Pirate League experience. We had a blast! After Jackson was transformed into a pirate we had dinner at Tony's, and then split up into different directions before Mom and I scoped out an amazing spot for watching Wishes later that night. We had such a good last day in the park, and when all was said and done, Mom and I had spent 15 hours in the park that day! Not too shabby for our last park day! We sent the boys back to the hotel for swimming, and rode out the day until the very end! It was an another awesome day at Walt Disney World for sure!

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Kay said...

Wow...amazing day! Love alllll the pics! And I have to applaud your patience uploading that many photos. I usually give out. Tell me more about the sky writers...very cool!

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