Wednesday, September 04, 2013

I'm Too Old...And Too Young For Diapers

Jackson walked into the bathroom the other morning as I was doing my makeup and shoved a huge nighttime pull-up into my hands.

Jackson: "Here's your diaper."
Me: "What do you mean, 'my diaper?'"
Jackson: "Well, it had your name on it. That makes it your diaper."
Me: "Where did it come from?"
Jackson: "I found it in an envelope with your name on it."
Me: "That's called a free sample. And by the way, I had it sent for you before you were potty trained."
Jackson: "That is so embarrassing."

At least I cleared it up for my kid that I don't need diapers!

1 random thoughts:

Esther said...

If he thinks that's embarrassing, just wait until you start telling him about needing deodorant and daily showers because his body is changing.

Ethan is not my biggest fan right now. ;-)

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