Thursday, October 17, 2013

Live From Jacksonville

Jackson is at such a fun age to me. At seven years old, he's old enough to have a real conversation with him, and he's still young enough to be innocent sweet, and he still loves his Mama so much! Here are a few funnies he's given us lately!

(Walking to Jordan Hare Stadium from our parked car) Jackson: "These legs of mine didn't get plugged in to their charger last night, so their battery is running low. I'm gonna need a ride on someone's shoulders for me to make it to the stadium and back."

(On hearing Anderson crying for no reason): Jackson: "Mom, seriously, can you make your kid quit crying? He's giving me a headache. Do I need to put him in time out?"

(On bullies) Jackson: "You know my friend _____?" Well, he bullied me today. I'm not going to tolerate that kind of behavior."

(On my ban on scary costumes for Halloween) Jackson: "Well, can I be a scary zombie for Halloween when I'm 27?"

(On growing up) Jackson: "I'm ready to grow up, but can I fall asleep in your bed tonight?"

I love that big boy of mine, more than words can describe!

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