Friday, January 24, 2014

Weekly Random

·         BP got scary high on Monday, and I ended up in the ER for 6 hours late Monday evening. My highest reading was 219/131, and I had a horrible headache. After several hours they got my bp down, but we’ve been playing with it all week trying to get it in control. I am, however, still alive and well, just searching for some answers.

·         Jackson had his first science project yesterday, and I think he nailed it. We did a Water Cycle poster, and I can only say that he definitely deserves and A+. He came up with the design, and did most of the cutting, and all of the glueing. I was pleased!

·         Anderson can now say, “Wal-mart.” Clearly we are raising him well.

·         I sat in on my first tax conference yesterday. For a layperson like myself, wowsers….there are a lot of tax phrases out there!
·         Looking forward to a weekend of doing nothing. After this stressful week, I need it!

1 random thoughts:

Lisa said...

So glad you are feeling better and that you are okay! That hypertension is a bummer. I hate taking medicine! Hope you have a nice relaxing weekend~

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