Monday, February 03, 2014

3 Dueling Forces That Brought Me Down

So January came and went with only 4 blog posts from me. I should be ashamed. Here is the scoop. I’ve been dealing with 3 dueling forces around here: 

1. I work for a tax firm. We are crazy busy around here from January 1st through April 15th. I’ve been told we have a better track record for attendance than the post office. I’m loving my job, it’s just very, very busy, and when I get home I’m pretty much brain dead. Even 2nd grade homework is almost enough to do me in.

That brings me to #2. The ice storm that brought the south to its knees. I had a doctor’s appointment last Tuesday morning that, thankfully, Jeremy drove me to. We finished up around 9:30 and headed into Montgomery and we weren’t 5 miles into our drive when we figured out we had a major issue brewing with the weather/roads. The temps were in the 20’s and when you have freezing rain at that temp, it spells disaster for roads and bridges. Unfortunately, there isn’t a single way to get to our house from our work places without crossing multiple bridges. Bridges + ice = disaster. It took us 1 ½ hours to get back home after getting the boys from my moms, and we were stuck at home for 2 days. No fun at all. Jeremy even missed 2 days of work, which, if you know Jeremy, is a big deal. We just couldn’t safely get into town. We got a little bit of snow, but mostly ice. And y’all, it was COLD. I have never heard sweeter words than, “The schools WILL be open on Friday.”

And #3….my blood pressure is still all over the place. Several of my meds have been adjusted trying to level my numbers out, but I’m still getting way too high, and then have to take my emergency meds, and then I bottom out. Neither high nor low blood pressure is any fun. I had a renal (kidney) ultrasound this morning to see if my kidneys are the source of my blood pressure problems. There could be a blockage to blame, but I haven’t heard the results yet.  

So that’s the scoop around Wade’s World right now. Not very fun, but it is what it is.I promise to try to do better this week, just bear with me! Y’all take care!

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Kay said...

I think I only put up one post in the last month. And I don't have sky high bp, two little kids and a busy job. Hmmm..I guess I have no excuse except that I have no idea what to say. I so hope you get to the bottom of your bp problems very soon. That's hard stuff. : (

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