Monday, March 10, 2014

My Weekend Was Shortened By An Hour

  • Let me go on the record to say that I despise Daylight Savings time. I really don't understand who we think we are fooling by setting our clocks forward by an hour. Who came up with that? Last time I checked Mother Nature didn't use a clock. I'm smart enough to figure out that in the spring/summer the days are longer and in the fall/winter the days are shorter without having to lose an hour of sleep and screw up my kids sleeping schedules.
  • Speaking of losing an hour of sleep, I took a glorious 2 1/2 hour nap on Sunday afternoon to make up for Daylight Savings time. It naps could have a Top 10, that one would have made it. I woke up refreshed and rested, and still slept good last night. Win/Win.
  • Saturday was packed with birthday parties and fun. I booked it from one birthday party with Jackson to another party with Anderson, and then headed to my friend Meredith's house for a video chat session for our Memory Makin' Moms page. So.Much.Fun. 
  • I got my nails painted by Meredith for a tutorial for Meredith for pinterest. My nails are inspired by the movie Frozen, and they are amazing!!! As soon as she posts the tutorail, I'll share the link. They are incredible!
  • It's a crazy busy week at work with tax deadlines come up on Friday, so I may be sparse for a few days. I''ll be back soon, I promise!
Have a great day!

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