Monday, May 19, 2014

A Picture Perfect Weekend

 Jeremy's parents came to visit us on Friday night, and his sister, her hubby Adam, and our nephew came over to visit on Saturday. What was the occasion you might ask? Well, Jackson had his last ball game of the season. We had such a great time with his family, and it was non stop fun for the entire weekend. We had to be at the ball field at 10:30 Saturday morning for a 12 game, and Papa and Gigi helped me run after Anderson, and feed him lots of boiled peanuts until the game started. The cousins had such a good time playing with each other, and Jackson's team won their game 14-6. They ended their season 10-4, and Jackson played amazingly well. His coach has been outstanding! They have their awards presentation on Thursday, and his team will finish in 3rd place. Whoop Whoop!

Back to the weekend...

After the game we went home and let Anderson take a nap, and then Cameron came over to play. It is so fun watching the little boys play together (they are only a few months apart), and Jackson LOVES his cousins! We went to eat at Moe's, and then headed over to Bass Pro Shop to let the boys explore the boats and see the animals and fish.

After Mimi and Adam took Cameron back to the hotel for bedtime, Papa and Gigi watched Frozen with J and A. Such a cute movie! On Sunday we headed to church and Papa and Gigi headed back to Mississippi. Both of my boys hate to see them go, but I explained that we will see them again really soon. After church and nap, I took the boys in the backyard for some  homemade slip-n-slide fun. I happened to catch an action shot of Jackson that was my favorite. And Anderson in his undies....does it get any cuter? Well, it did when Jackson put the water hose down the back of Anderson's underwear and I got a pic of the cutest little tush, but I can't share it or Anderson will be embarrassed for life.

It was such a fun weekend! Here are a few pics!

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