Tuesday, July 08, 2014

My Allstar

Jackson's Allstar team played the state tournament this past weekend in Gardendale, AL. We went up to see the games on the 4th of July, and couldn't have asked for better weather. It was so cool, breezy and gorgeous outside. Definitely not usual July weather. We lost our first game 22-21, and Jackson scored one run. After playing we headed to the hotel pool and then to dinner at Outback. Anderson was so worn out he made it 30 seconds before passing out! We hit the sack early and skipped out on fireworks because Mama and Daddy were whopped. I hate to miss it because I love celebrating the 4th of July, but I just couldn't do it.

We got up Saturday morning and had breakfast and then headed to the ballpark. Jackson played left field for the second game, and also scored a run, but we ended up losing 22-5. It was rough. Jackson wasn't upset though, he just wanted to go swimming. We rested for a little while and then headed to Gardendale's splashpad where we played with his teammate Charlie and hung out with their family, went to Milo's for supper, and then to Yogurt Mountain for dessert. We then headed back to the hotel and watched movies on tv.

Sunday morning we headed out to Splash Adventure water park for one last family treat. We had a great day and enjoyed super weather. We might not have done great at the tournament, but it was a great family weekend! Enjoy the pics!

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